COVID-19 Preparedness

Dear Friends,

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Flextrack is working to ensure the health and safety of the public, our team members and our clients in accordance with all public safety guidelines. The well-being of all of our stakeholders is our first priority and will remain so. To this extent, we have empowered our team members to exercise appropriate social distancing and imagine many of you have done so as well. Flextrack is fully enabled to support our clients remotely and we do not anticipate any material service disruptions.

Flextrack prides itself on the confidence our clients have in our service capabilities, and in-line with that Flextrack’s Business Continuity Plan is thoroughly prepared. We remain fully operational as measures are taken to address the pandemic, and we will remain so.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust as needed. Rest assured that all actions we take will be firstly in the best interest of the public health with an understanding of our unwavering commitment to deliver the services we provide, at a level our stakeholders expect. We will continue to prioritize communication and in the unlikely event that we anticipate there may be any potential impacts to your service, we will reach out to you.

Flextrack is here to support all members of our community in this challenging time. If there is anything we can do, we will, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flextrack Team