The Evolution of Extended Workforce Analytics

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Next Level Strategic Workforce Planning: Explore our groundbreaking research with industry experts

Upcoming Event:

Mythbusting in Pursuit of Value: Challenging Common Misperceptions about the Extended Workforce


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What do people analytics mean for extended workforce management?

What do people analytics mean for extended workforce management?

The Evolution of Extended Workforce Analytics

Completing your people analytics strategy

Join Michael Cannon, our product director and Jeff Mike, head of insights and impact, for fun, ethical, real-time applications on talent acquisition.

Flextrack Influencer Forum: SHAPING the Future of Extended Workforce Management

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The Flextrack Influencer Forum is a community of like-minded professionals who recognize the value of new ways of working and the importance of external workforce ecosystems in enterprise people strategy.


Join Flextrack Head of Insights and Impact Jeff Mike and prominent guests in conversations meant to inspire, educate, and shape the future of workforce management.

Upcoming Event:

Mythbusting in Pursuit of Value: Challenging Common Misperceptions About the Extended Workforce

Gain a better understanding of the extended talent market and insights needed to drive meaningful change

Discover the benefits of mastering extended workforce management

Together, we will drive conversations about new mindsets and leading practices, educate others, and strengthen messaging to promote organizational and industry change. 


participate in a group of committed professionals who recognize the importance of the extended workforce. 

Create and advance new mindsets and leading practices around non-employee workforce strategy and contingent workforce management. 

Educate fellow professionals on topics we cover based on emerging trends, strategies, practices, technologies, and innovations.

Strengthen the messaging and content around the extended workforce and enabling technologies that drive organizational and industry changes.

Help build and refine individual skills for influencing others in business and in the industry. 

With a focus on growing individual skills and influence, our forum is the perfect place for you to meet people, learn, and meaningfully impact your organization’s workforce strategy.

Collaborate, engage, and learn: embrace the future OF your extended workforce

Our Influencer Forum provides a supportive, non-sales environment for leaders like you to engage with peers and share insights on the latest trends and innovations in the extended workforce industry.

You can expect:

  • Bimonthly virtual sessions
  • Planned in-person events
  • Tools for communication and collaboration

Join us at the forefront of shaping the future of extended workforce management.



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    Have you ever heard:

    - “Contingent talent and freelancers can’t find a ‘real’ job and are second-rate.”

    - “Extended workers like temps and consultants are less engaged and productive than FTE’s.”

    - “I can’t include non-employee workers in my DEI, people analytics, and employee engagement practices because it’s too risky.”

    These common misperceptions are limiting workforce strategies and risking access to the incredible value the extended workforce can bring to your business. As HR, Procurement, IT, and business leaders collaborate to ensure access to talent through all workforce segments, it’s crucial to understand the costs, risks, and opportunities associated with non-employee workforces.

    Join the Extended Workforce Influencer Forum as we tackle these myths. As always, we’re bringing together a panel of experts like Tony Buffum from Upwork, to tackle these myths and engage with a lively community of extended workforce influencers.

    Learn how overcoming these misconceptions can unlock untapped opportunity and help make your next enterprise talent strategy more agile, compliant, and cost-effective.



    What outdated beliefs are preventing your organization from fully optimizing the contributions of your extended workforce?

    AI and the Future of the Extended Workforce

    What do the new possibilities set to empower workforce management look like with the coming generative AI integrations?

    People Analytics and Workforce Planning

    How to intentionally include the extended workforce in your people analytics and workforce planning?

    Skills-Based Organizations and
    the Extended Workforce

    How can extended workforce leaders accelerate this monumental change in their enterprises??

    Pay Transparency and Pay Parity

    What are the implications on company culture, candidate flow, and employment brand and how do we move forward and into new paths? 

    Don’t take our word for it.

    Here's what current group members have to say:

    The peer-to-peer format creates a great space for tackling some of the toughest challenges and most promising opportunities in managing all segments of the workforce, including non-employee workers. The exchange between participants was engaging and informative.
    – Contingent Workforce Category Manager


    Jeff Mike

    Head of Insights and Impact, Flextrack

    The most meaningful and valuable experiences throughout my HR, research, teaching, and leadership career have been assembling smart people from all backgrounds to explore challenges and create knowledge about working and organizations.


    Whether I’m in leadership, HR, research or teaching, my goal is always to construct a space for creative, passionate professionals to exchange ideas, sharpen messaging, and grow their influence in a safe and supportive environment.


    The Flextrack Influencer Forum brings these elements to bear to shape the future of enterprise workforce management. Through diverse voices, open dialogue and continuous ideation and feedback, the Influencer Forum will be a place to connect, learn, and generate new ways of engaging all types of workers.


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      AI and the Future of the Extended Workforce

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