Flextrack™ provides clients with Contingent Management Services and Consulting Services. Through our Vendor Management System (VMS), clients can manage contingent personnel throughout the lifecycle of an engagement, from sourcing candidates, to onboarding, invoicing and offboarding contractors. Our MSP Program Managers are closely involved with all aspects of our clients’ contingent workforce programs and consult with client sponsors on ways to improve program efficiency, increase cost savings and streamline processes.

The Flextrack™ VMS is comprised of 7 modules:


Through ReqTRACK™ clients track and manage contingent personnel through the lifecycle of an engagement from requisition approval, sourcing candidates, to onboarding, invoicing and offboarding of the contractors. ReqTRACK™ provides data required for the clients’ MSP Program Managers to consult with them on trends and process efficiencies.


Through DocuTRACK clients can track and manage required contracts, security checks, and other associated documentation related to their contingent personnel.


Through TimeTRACK clients, vendors and contractors can track and manage contingent personnel’s submissions for time, and can allocate their time to projects for reporting purposes.


Through MileTRACK™ clients can track and manage submissions by contract personnel working on project-based engagements. Program Managers analyze MileTRACK™ submissions and formulate recommendations to clients as part of the ongoing consulting services offered through the MSP program.


Through ExpTRACK clients, contractors and vendors can track and manage contingent personnel expenses.


InvoiceTRACK™ provides clients with access to financial transactions associated to their contingent personnel, and allows them to search for and report on invoices. Through InvoiceTRACK™, contractors can also access their financial services provided by Flextrack™, specifically their financial account management and payment(s). Additionally, Flextrack™ (through InvoiceTRACK™) provides vendors with access to view invoices created for work performed at an end client by their workers and payments from Flextrack™ to the vendor. Vendors can click on the different links to obtain the specific details of the invoice, number of hours invoiced, hourly rate, payment(s) owed/made, taxes applied, deductions etc.


Both standard, ad-hoc reports as well as customized reports are available to users dependent on the associated client, their role (manager, contractor, vendor) and their access privileges.