Join the Flextrack Team

A World of Limitless Opportunity and Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

At Flextrack, you will work with some of North America’s most talented contingent workforce thought leaders to change how businesses manage talent.
We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help deliver a best-in-class and value-driven experience for organizations worldwide.

Join Our Team

Flextrack is a leader in the contingent workforce technology space, and it’s roster consists of talented individuals from various backgrounds. The foundation of Flextrack is built upon trust, open communication, and transparency to ensure success at all levels of the company. 


By working together, we create reliable services and celebrate reliable people.

About Flextrack

Flextrack is a leader in the MSP/VMS space and singularly focused on expanding the idea of ‘humanizing technology’. Our Mission is what drives us to create contingent workforce programs that expand our customers and users personal value. Our technology platforms and program design allow our customers to bring in the best possible talent to their organizations to drive projects and value to their end customer.  


We bring clients and talent closer together helping to expand corporate hiring footprints and contractor globalization. We bring new ways of thinking about a historically commoditized space into the new world of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.


We are closely monitoring the status of COVID-19. We continue our hard work to build a plan that ensures a safe return to our office and provides flexibility for our employees.

Our Mission

To deliver contingent workforce programs that enable our customers, employees, and contractors to realize their potential through project success.

Our Vision

To work tirelessly to bring  technology innovation and program evolution in the contingent workforce space for our customers to drive the highest total value and lowest total cost of ownership in an an ever growing and changing category of spend.

Our DE&I Commitments

Flextrack is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as cornerstones to our success. We make a conscious and active effort to work towards equity in our workplace and in the communities we serve. We extend that commitment and expectation to the companies we work with everyday.