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For organizations that need to be able to match and measure extended workforce talent and skills, extended workforce analytics are a powerful tool that merges data sources and provides clarity and foresight into total workforce management.

What are Extended Workforce Analytics?

Extended workforce analytics uses data to make decisions about people and talent that goes beyond dashboards and retrospective reports to ensure customers can maximize their investment in people. This proactive methodology uses all available solutions to show the human element behind the numbers. 

By analyzing aggregated workforce data with statistical tools, users uncover patterns and trends that help them understand how outcomes are linked to organizational success. This empowers them to plan and make informed decisions based on key insights.

Benefits of Extended Workforce Analytics – turning insights and data into actionable planning.

Workforce management analytics tools are prized for their predictive and prescriptive elements, helping organizations form internal strategy around unpredictable situations such as recessions, market fluctuations, and other global events.

Here are benefits decisionmakers and
HR professionals can expect:

Common challenges of Extended Workforce Analytics

Today, many organizations have a surplus of human capital data, but often, it’s too fragmented and disconnected to fully maximize its potential. 

Here are some common challenges organizations face:

Disconnected Data

Dirty data from different sources can impact accuracy and reliability.

Privacy and Security

Ensuring information is stored correctly and managed securely is often a challenge.

Overreliance on Analysts

Often, the complexity of analytics requires specialized skills to get anything off the ground. This particularly impacts organizations with smaller resources or specialized needs.

Resistance to change

Adopting new technologies and workflows can be seen as time consuming and too complex.


Due to the specializations and coding often required, integration with other functions is seen as hard to achieve.

Not understanding analytics

Many HR professionals simply don’t have a deep understanding of data analytics or project modeling and cannot get good use out of more complex workforce analytics tools.

Bring the power of your workforce data to life with next generation analytical tools

Flextrack native enterprise-level analytical tools allow organizations to redefine how they interact with and use their workforce data in their extended talent strategy.


World class data visualization and natural language processing for ease of use and reporting.

Prediction Builder’s drag and drop data modeling tools that allow users to take a “clicks, not code” approach to building predictive models.

Native AI for more efficient work, spotting trends, predicting outcomes, and AI-based guidance.

Modern integration tools make it easy to import/export data.

Native data preparation tools to merge, clean, and normalize data to make it actionable.

Reporting that is integrated with case management tools to drive action.

User-friendly standard reporting and dashboarding platform for complete and accurate line-of-sight into all data.

Tailored solutions for every role: Flextrack helps the world work

Our extended workforce analytics tools help everyone improve what they do.
  • Exceptional customer support with real-time performance management
  • Optimized demand forecasting
  • Deeper dives into internal KPI’s
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Better efficiency in workforce utilization, bottleneck processing, and resource allocation
  • Landscape insights with predicted market trends and competitor performance
  • Actionable data through built-in service desk and case management and automated resolution workflows 
  • Improved performance monitoring and SLA compliance
  • Automated supplier management
  • Effective talent pool management 
  • Improved team operations through automated MSP task assignment and capacity management
  • Optimized cost management and risk mitigation
  • Service differentiation, future-planning, and value-added insights for clients
  • Better workforce planning 
  • Optimized talent acquisition and retention
  • Improved DE&I metrics 
  • Enriched learning and development
  • Effective compliance and risk management
  • Optimized labor costs and resource allocation
  • Supplier selection based on market intelligence and insights
  • Improved supplier management 
  • Decreased supplier risk and mitigated disruption
  • Enhanced insights into vendor performance and evaluations
  • Automated service-level agreements, KPI tracking, and resolution
  • Improved cost analysis and spend management 
  • Simplified contract management
  • Better talent management with improved talent channel visibility
  • “Push” Analytics and AI guides decision-making for strategic workforce planning
  • Optimized performance management assessments
  • Leveraged predictive modeling and data analysis for anticipated market changes, and trends leading to proactive solutions and risk planning
  • Improved cost and operational efficiency
  • Improved due diligence for mergers and acquisitions 
  • Boosted stakeholder engagement

Here’s how Flextrack brings your organizational data to life:

With Flextrack, automation tools meet analytics tools for unparallel data visualization, granular control, and application-building capabilities on a level legacy vendor management system and their standard dashboards just can’t reach.

Curious about what you can do with Flextrack?

In a new era driven by generative AI, are you equipped to maneuver the upcoming disruption?

Our workforce strategy report conducted in association with PwC will let you discover insights into decision-making, learn about current technological challenges, and dive into modern workforce observations that will help guide the why and how behind an improved extended workforce strategy. 

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      We’re committed to your privacy and use the information you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy.