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At its core, services procurement is about finding the right human skills and capabilities to operate your business and move it forward. As workforces grow more complex and expensive, businesses are implementing services procurement solutions to augment their capabilities, execute business strategies, mitigate compliance risks, and more reliably manage costs. 

Flextrack’s unique extended workforce Platform as a Service delivers an integrated, secure, and accessible services procurement solution in a VMS environment.

What is Services Procurement?

Services procurement broadly refers to managing services from external providers to meet specific business needs and objectives. In the context of talent, this consists of consultants performing work under a contract for outlined services or outcome-based projects based on the expertise and skills needed to complete them. 

The right solutions to plan, source, evaluate, negotiate, track, invoice, and manage these services suppliers and their workers are fundamental to services procurement.

Key challenges and risks – for businesses without a services procurement program

The following describe some of the risks businesses face if they do not implement a formal services procurement program:

Key Challenges of supporting a services procurement program with legacy technology

While many organizations use point solutions or other single-purpose technologies to manage their services procurement, these solutions are often outdated or limiting.

Lack of capabilities in legacy Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

Most VMS systems struggle with the architecture and interfaces required to integrate SOW into extended workforce programs. This results in change management and adoption challenges, leaving program offices or MSPs to find ad-hoc solutions.

Being forced into a process not designed for SOW Services

Services that are not designed for SOW tend to be inefficient and cumbersome. They lack the necessary flexibility to manage multiple, diverse engagements. This results in bottlenecks, administrative burdens, extra costs, and difficulty in assessing results.

Fractured technology impacts time to value

Outdated features and stand-alone point solutions result in complex workflows, hindering swift onboarding, efficient resource allocation, and timely project execution, ultimately delaying the realization of goals and targets.

Lack of Integration with existing Procurement tools

Lack of integration hampers the flow of information and data about services procurement, leading to manual workarounds, faulty data entry, and increased risk of error. Lack of comprehensive visibility into procurement activities makes it difficult to track and manage vendor relationships, contracts, and performance.

Benefits of a services procurement program:

With a smart services procurement program, businesses can expect efficiencies that support organizational strategy and growth:


Improved Sourcing Tools for Managers


Streamlined Interactions with Suppliers


Improved Compliance


Mitigated Risk


Enhanced Performance Measurement


Improved Change Management


Optimized Cost Saving


Total Visibility into the Process


Simplified Invoicing and Payment

Flextrack makes managing services procurement faster and more complete

Customizable features and modules ensure step-by-step completion of requirements and goal alignment. Using our agile Platform as a Service gives organizations the scalability for organizational growth and new procurement targets. Flextrack offers capabilities like integration, flow builders, and business app delivery, making the management of services contracts and workers easy and transparent.
Imagine a manager being able to craft an SOW, estimate costs, communicate with suppliers, red line, approve, and connect an SOW to any internal systems seamlessly – all from an intuitive user interface. With Flextrack, it’s all possible.

Simplified supplier management, seamless collaboration with vendors, and consistent transparency are all available out of the box.

Flextrack has a full cycle functionality to support Sourcing and Management of all your SOW engagements

Collaborate with your team to create
sourcing requests from templates.

Digitize interaction with approved Suppliers to receive bids and easily compare supplier responses across a variety of different criteria.


Access tracked project closure activities, worker off boarding, and project closure surveys.


Streamline your entire experience with digitized invoice operations, approvals, and seamless integrations with AP systems.


Access built-in contract management systems to automate SOW creation, negotiation with suppliers, and e-signatures.


Analyze supplier and worker onboarding compliance, project performance with timesheets and milestone tracking, and internal controls to ensure approvals.

With Flextrack, expect total visibility into your services spend, people, and results.

Elevate your procurement strategy with insights that fortify and future-proof your organization.

Flextrack knows that driving recruitment processes while mitigating risks requires technology that’s agile and designed specifically for the services you need. Look beyond current tech capabilities and into new trends, current challenges, developing ideas, and key data to help guide your strategy into the future.


The roadmap is within reach.

Discover Flextrack: The Platform as a Service with capabilities you need for total access to talent, total visibility, and workforce planning enablement.

Flextrack supports all aspects of services procurement and deployment in an intuitive, easy experience.

Streamline your procurement process with complete visibility

Unlock Efficiency by doing all your project budgeting and approvals on a single platform  

1. Sophisticated tools leverage AI and CRM capabilities to simplify and automate the entire services procurement lifecycle

2. Gain complete visibility and control over your procurement activities by utilizing a centralized and accessible source of information

3. Reduce manual tasks and paperwork, saving valuable time and resources

Quickly organize, communicate, and engage on a fully extensible platform

Enjoy seamless integrations with services procurement tools like invoicing, contracting and payment  

1. Flextrack allows you to quickly bolt on any business management solutions to fit your business’s specific needs and preferences (ex. DocuSign, Conga, Adobe)

2. The open architecture and APIs allow for quick and cost-effective connections to the entire ecosystem of services providers and related solutions resulting in reduced time to engagement

3. Configuration-only integration setup with prebuilt native integration to all major ERP and infrastructure applications, including Workday, SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft, SailPoint, ServiceNow, offer faster time to value

4. Low to no cost configuration changes and updates can be done in hours, resulting in client-specific workflows with self-service capabilities

Manage scope, drive cost savings and control expenses

Optimize your procurement budget and scope  

1. Leverage powerful analytics, AI capabilities, and reporting tools for data-driven decision-making that anyone can understand and execute

2. Increase SOW spend data accessibility & accuracy through a single source

3. Negotiate better contracts and pricing terms with real-time market insights

4. Pre-Identify contractor rate alignment

5. Explore cost-saving opportunities and eliminate unnecessary expenditures

6. Make budget and scoping changes and approvals without starting over or clunky approvals processes

Gain clarity, prioritize protection, and mitigate risk


Use Interactive and intelligent on-platform tools to enable risk management


1. Industry leading UI/UX lets you gain immediate adaption and promote compliance

2. Native VMS applications give on-the-go access to all requirement types (RFP, RFI, RFQ), and contract management

3. Built-in infrastructure for tax and legal compliance, including data centers, security, privacy, data residency, and redundancy for 239 countries and territories

4. Configurable workflow applications enable compliance policy application

Enhance Collaboration and accountability for improved performance


Turn workforce insights and data for performance management into actionable planning


1. Multichannel sourcing dashboard for full view on everything needed to plan, track, measure, compare, evaluate, and pivot according to organizational needs

2. View real-time data and evaluate performance with a wide library of out-of-the-box analytics tools

3. Utilize built-in AI’s predictive and prescriptive capabilities to trend performance of suppliers, wage rates, spending, predict trends, project future performance and address future issues

Drive transformation and plan success


Access support for business enablement and change management


 1. Immediate application of changes to policy

2. An interface that is designed so you can easily access all sourcing channels, automate routine processes, and change according to newly defined objectives - all from a single point of entry


3. Access to 7000+ business enabling apps on the AppExchange© allow for quick change and swift access from anywhere.


4. Ongoing change management training and support provided

Discover the Flextrack Difference

Flextrack is a next generation extended workforce VMS delivered through PaaS technology. With over 15 years of experience, our team of workforce practitioners and technologists designed our solutions to be seamless, agile, and integrated. With a focus on enabling a working community through creating a future-proof workforce, Flextrack’s approach is centered on a powerful tool that’s easy to customize and integrate.

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