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A woman smiling and holding a tables appears beside the title: 5 types of Contingent Workers.

Mastering Extended Workforce Management: Understanding the 5 Types of Contingent Workers to Hire for Your Business

Managing a contingent workforce can be a complex and challenging task. With the rise of the gig economy, contract workers...
Image of Austin skyline with ProcureCon and Flextrack logos and extended workforce management conference dates.

Expect BIG in Texas. It’s Flextrack at ProcureCon.

ProcureCon 2023 in Austin, Texas offers a unique opportunity for leaders in procurement and the extended workforce management fields to...
An extended workforce professional is choosing between different applications on her phone.

There’s an App for That: Consumer-Grade Technology Reaches the Extended Workforce

One of the best parts of the smartphone revolution is App Stores. Banking, Maps, Ride-Hailing, Food Delivery, Shopping, Weather, Music,...
A smiling HR professional is gazing at a futuristic interface screen that shows graphs and stats representing the cutting-edge technology and sophisticated analytics that are being used to drive people analytics strategy for the extended workforce.

Your People Analytics Strategy Is Incomplete Without the Extended Workforce

Changes associated with the Future of Work have created the greatest opportunities ever for those...
An illustration of Flex the Fox standing on a pile of well arranged blocks symbolizing helping customers build their extended workforce with fit-for-purpose solutions.

Beyond Configuration: How building fit-for-purpose solutions for unique business needs improves extended workforce strategy.

Organizations’ extended workforce technical requirements are getting increasingly complex. The idea that technology meets exact...
Talent acquisition professional at work

Partner Profile: Opptly’s Direct Sourcing AI Elevates Your Extended Workforce Strategy from Jobs to Skills

If you have been involved with talent acquisition and/or the extended workforce, you have heard...
Professional looking at a futuristic screen that says Chat GPT.

ChatGPT and Bias-Free, Skills-Based Job Descriptions for The Contingent Workforce

If you’ve spent more than ten minutes on the Internet over the past few weeks,...
A woman is teaching a class in front of a whiteboard that has points on establishing and managing a supplier management program.

How to Build a Successful Supplier Management Program

An organization cannot achieve its objectives without a partnership with key suppliers of talent. These...
A group of smiling HR employees sit at a table and chat about the extended workforce.

2023 HR and Talent Predictions: What About the “Other” Half of the Workforce?

As a turbulent 2022 ends, the business world receives an annual procession of predictions about...