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2023 Strategic Workforce Planning Report cover

2023 Strategic Workforce Planning Report Insights. Time for a Conversation.

Improving workforce planning to improve talent strategies is high on the list of 2023 talent trends.  Specifically, incorporating skills-based models...
A young woman in a bright yellow shirt throws a boomerang

Discover the Value of Extended Workforce Boomerang Hires

Who are boomerang workers in the extended workforce?  Boomerang hires have become a trend as various labor markets go through changes associated...
Influencer Forum visual titled "AI and the Future of the Extended Workforce" and two headshots; one of Jeff Mike, Head of Insights and Impact at Flextrack, and the other Michael Cannon, Product Director as Flextrack. Both on a purple background.

Extended Workforce Influencer Forum: AI and The Future of the Extended Workforce

In a digital landscape filled with over exaggeration and often apprehension towards AI technologies not many quite fully comprehend, our...
A vampire looking in a mirror - suggesting the problem that myths can post for extended workforce talent strategy.

Are outdated myths sucking the life from your talent strategy?

Join us to dispel “scary stories” about accessing talent   The familiar can be comforting.  This is...
two planes flying - a fighter jet with Flextrack branding and an older model that has a hard time keeping up.

Decoding Traditional vs. Next Generation VMS Value Drivers in a Next Generation VMS

A Vendor Management System (VMS) streamlines and automates extended workforce management processes. For decision-makers, that...
Extended Workforce Influencer Forum - people analytics and workforce planning

Extended Workforce Influencer Forum: Unlocking Insights into People Analytics and Workforce Planning

As our communities are getting used to constant change, the world of workforce planning is...
Image of the Flextrack lineup of events at CWS 2023: Dallas cowboys, building skateboards, Texas Rangers.

Discover the power of MORE with Flextrack. Here’s what we’re up to at CWS Summit 2023

The SIA CWS Summit 2023 is just around the corner, and Flextrack, as a platinum...
A guided Flextrack map showing the path of generative AI between hype and fear, leading to growth

Experimentation: Navigating Between Hype and Fear in Generative AI and Large Language Models

We are living in an era where artificial intelligence is no longer a far-off concept;...
Headshots of Jeff Mike from Flextrack and Mark Brodsky from Glider AI beside a banner that reads: Flextrack and Glider AI Interview

Discovering the Power of AI with Glider AI: A YouTube Miniseries on the Extended Workforce

If you’ve been curious about what kind of impact AI tools have had on workforce...