Extended Workforce Influencer Forum

Event concluded


Jeff Mike

Head of Insights and Impact

at Flextrack

Al Adamsen

Founder and CEO at People Analytics & Future of Work

Tony Buffum

Vice President of HR
Client Strategy at Upwork

Mike Salva

People Analytics and Reporting Manager at Pitney Bowes

People Analytics And Workforce Planning

The traditional workforce planning models are no longer effective as layoffs, record-low unemployment, and technology-driven change overpower the assumptions built into these models. Organizations need to incorporate uncertainty, real-time data, and flexible, on-demand workforces that include all segments of employees and non-employees into their people strategies.


Join our panel of expert guests and extended workforce influencers in a virtual conversation discussing how to intentionally include the extended workforce in your people analytics and workforce planning. Expect insights into initial steps you can take to develop a sustainable workforce while maintaining the human experience.