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Pursuit of Value: Challenging Common Misperceptions About the Extended Workforce

Completing your people analytics strategy

The Evolution of Extended Workforce Analytics

Completing your people analytics strategy

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As businesses increasingly rely on non-employee workers for a more flexible and cost-effective talent strategy, extended workforce analytics become crucial. These analytics provide data-driven insights that go beyond the traditional program health and supplier management metrics, leading to intelligent decision-making, improved productivity, risk reduction, and cost efficiency for your entire extended workforce.
In this Extended Workforce Influencer Forum, Jeff Mike is joined by Sarah Koshiol from Brightfield, and a special guest to answer questions like the following:

▶  What do people analytics mean for extended workforce management?

▶  What is “workforce mix” and how can you optimize it for your business? 

▶  Are you doing benchmarking right?

▶  How can AI and analytics help prevent risk?

▶  How can automated analytics give you an edge when it comes to compensation and rates?

▶  Why are visibility and analysis of services procurement (consulting) engagements important? 

▶  How do extended workforce analytics impact decision-making and team composition? 

▶  What’s next? Going beyond the conventional VMS metrics. 

Jeff Mike

Head of Insights and Impact at Flextrack

Franz Gilbert

Managing Director, Human Capital, Deloitte

Sarah Koshiol

Chief Revenue Officer, Brightfield