Privacy policy

Flextrack Inc has created this privacy policy in order to confirm your acknowledgment and consent to the purposes for which Flextrack may use and disclose the information that you supply to Flextrack through our website. We do not knowingly attempt to solicit or receive information from children.


Your privacy is very important to us, and we understand and respect that it is of great importance to you. This privacy policy describes Flextrack’s policies and practices regarding the collection and use of your personal data. Flextrack will update this privacy policy from time to time to respond to changing legislation or if we adopt new privacy policies.

Data Protection Officer


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Information Gathered

Flextrack services. The information collected when you submit a candidate to a client requisition includes the name, requisition to which the candidate is being submitted, availability date, bill rate, notes you enter, documents you attach (including but not limited to resumes), and candidate status changes (such as interviews scheduled, hired). Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. We use this data to tailor the experience on our site and to display content we think may be of relevance to you. We also use this data to learn more about the demographics of site visitors and refine our business offerings. We also use this data to create contractual agreements with you when you have a successful hire for a candidate you have submitted to a client requisition. We may further collect personal data that you submit yourself if you contact Flextrack directly through the website. The personal information that Flextrack collects includes your email address, telephone number, personal or business address, and employment information. The information that Flextrack collects is required to deliver services to you, and is not communicated to any person or company outside of Flextrack and any affiliates. Flextrack will not change the way it utilizes your personal data without your consent. Password Protection Portions of our website are password protected to help safeguard member information. A password chosen by the user provides access to the site. As members of the Flextrack online community, users have access to their own information, information about client positions for which they have been selected to participate, candidate submissions that they have submitted to client positions, plus additional information and tools. Select Flextrack personnel have password-protected access to candidate/client information. Flextrack reserves the right to change passwords at any time to protect the security of our site. We require that you keep confidential the password you select for accessing our site. We require that you email us immediately at if you feel that your password has been compromised. If you forget your password, email us at and we will reset and issue a new password via the email associated with that profile.

Disclosure Of Information

system, without your consent. This includes personal information, candidate information, resume information, email addresses, information about your visits to the site, etc. We may disclose statistical information gathered as a whole (e.g. Total number of candidate submissions, total number of interviews scheduled), but never disclose information on an individual basis except to the designated client(s) with whom you have agreed to participate for the Flextrack system.

Choice / Opt-Out

indicate your first and last name, the job number to which you were presented, and either your email address or telephone number currently in your file so that we can verify we are deleting the correct file. If you are representing a candidate who would like his or her data to be deleted, please indicate the candidate’s first and last name, the job number to which this candidate was presented, and either your email address or telephone number currently in your file so that we can verify we are deleting the correct file. Flextrack may contact staffing suppliers periodically by email or phone regarding current positions that may be a match for the services your company provides. If you receive an email and do not wish to continue receiving similar emails in the future, please respond to the email requesting that you do not wish to be contacted in the future for these opportunities. If you receive contact by phone and do not wish to receive similar phone calls in the future, please indicate this to the Flextrack caller. If you have a specific email address or phone number that you do not want to be contacted on, please do not put it into the database or on any correspondence that you send to Flextrack. If there is an email address or phone number already in the Flextrack database that you would like to delete or change and cannot access it through your file online at Flextrack’s website, please email indicating your required needs.

Data Storage And Access

have access to modify/edit their profiles at any time. Flextrack stores your data on servers located in Canada for up to seven years.