Headshots of Jeff Mike from Flextrack and Mark Brodsky from Glider AI beside a banner that reads: Flextrack and Glider AI Interview

Discovering the Power of AI with Glider AI: A YouTube Miniseries on the Extended Workforce

If you’ve been curious about what kind of impact AI tools have had on workforce tools, you’re not alone.

In this engaging series, Jeff Mike, the Head of Insights and Impact at Flextrack takes the lead as the interviewer, delving deep into the fascinating world of AI, talent trends, and the evolution of skills-based hiring, and so much more. Joined by Mark Brodsky, the VP of Sales at Glider, these industry experts engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for the extended workforce and today’s hiring practices and developments.

Together, they address burning questions surrounding talent acquisition and shed light on how hiring is being reshaped 

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Magdalena Wolak