A completely new way to workforce.

Flextrack is built on Salesforce. We were the first of our kind to do it this way. This is more than an upgrade. More than intelligence. This is a new movement, that will shift the way your company works.


Faster isn’t fast enough. The next-gen workforce needs a champion with a next-gen approach. That’s us/That’s Flextrack. We remove barriers. Doing so lets us create new workflows in an afternoon, get immediate feedback from our customers and then deploy the next day. Your company doesn’t have to wait years or even months for changes. It can Upsource a new way to workforce today. Watch to see how.


Our integration is agnostic. Don’t worry. Flextrack easily integrates with your company’s cloud, architecture and any app your company uses to source its workforce. Watch the video to learn more.

Performance VIDEO.

Gig, freelance and contract workers make up over half of your workforce and our communities. Their productivity and efficiency are paramount to your company’s resiliency and success. Our management solution provides state-of-the-art data and functionality so you can implement the best workforce management strategy and deliver on the promise of work.


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