This image shows a woman holding a phone and looking towards three logos coming off the screen. The logos are from DocuSign, Conga, and Verified First from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Client favorites: Top 3 AppExchange tools revealed

What do you think when you see the term “digital transformation” pop up on your feed? For many organizations, it’s a keyword umbrella term with little meaning. For Flextrack, it’s granular and quantifiable. For example, we know that many organizations can only begin to imagine what it would be like to have access to a platform setting in which most of their needs have a corresponding app created and available for their contingent workforce programs at the click of a button.  

Instead of telling you how we can support your digital transformation by going over how Flextrack has the most complete on-platform integration studio on the market, (including API data, business logic, and user interface integrations), we’ll show you the three top apps our clients use and love. And we’ll show you why. 

All you have to know is that we’re built on Salesforce (the most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace), which means you get instant access to a business AppExchange that will change the way you approach what you can do. 

Think infinite scalability and thousands (over 7,000) of secure, certified apps and indispensable tools to choose from.  

3 top apps our clients love - and you will too.

1. Background Screening For Salesforce: Verified First 

About the app:

Verified First stands as the leading background screening technology company across North America. Their customizable industry search solutions empower thousands of businesses, validating and verifying millions of pieces of information with unparalleled precision and efficiency daily. 

What you get out of it: 

  • Integrated background screening  
  • Minimized data entry  
  • Streamlined screening processes 
  • Robust communication features like candidate texting 
  • The ability to order searches by building custom packages, or by ordering à la carte 
  • No setup fees or minimum usage contracts 
  • Batch ordering and rescreening for elevated screening processes  
  • Seamless integration with other Salesforce apps and people management solutions 

2. Conga CLM | Contract Lifecycle Management

About the app:

Conga’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution removes the complexity of disjointed and manual contract processes through a unified data model that adapts to changing business requirements and the needs of every team. 


What you get out of it:  

  • Improved visibility into obligations and critical contract information 
  • A secure, central repository for buy-side and sell-side contracts 
  • Full text search across terms, clauses, and metadata 
  • Filtering and saved search 
  • Detailed version control and audit history 
  • Full integration with sales, customer, and partner applications  
  • Generate contracts from quotes 
  • Self-service contract wizards available 
  • Track terms and changes 
  • Intelligent workflows and approvals result in speed across the contract lifecycle 
  • One-click contract generation 
  • Integration with e-signature  
  • Consistency across the needs of global teams 

3. DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce: The trusted eSignature solution 

About the app: 

DocuSign revolutionizes the agreement process by offering a comprehensive solution to connect, automate, and manage agreements. With eSignature, the world’s #1 way to sign electronically from any device, as its cornerstone, DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud provides a suite of over a dozen applications and 350 integrations for a connected and automated agreement process.  

What you get out of it: 

  • Lowered risk 
  • Lowered cost 
  • Improved customer, partner, and employee experience 
  • Trigger actions and status tracking from the opportunity or account 
  • Lightning Ready integration enables the automatic storing of agreements on the original record across the entire Customer 360 platform 
  • Accelerated business cycles with an intuitive signing experience 
  • Used by Salesforce across many departments 

Get to know the Flextrack Integration Studio


The Flextrack Integration Studio offers the most complete suite of APIs and integration tools on the market.  

In addition to the flexibility the expanding Salesforce AppExchange provides, these tools are continuously updated to support emerging technologies, aiming to drive your organization’s digital transformation by minimizing costs and risks. 

Lowered costs  

Imagine the freedom of decreased reliance on IT for integration, development, and maintenance. Your expenses are reduced by the flexibility to swiftly incorporate value-added solutions such as the ones we covered above, and many more. Leveraging Salesforce’s API architecture further drives cost savings for customers, as it offers a robust suite of pre-built, standardized APIs. These APIs seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, mitigating the necessity for custom development and ultimately lowering the overall integration expenses. 

Reduced risk 

Choosing Flextrack allows you to mitigate the risk of missing deployment dates and overspending on project resources.  

With over 100,000 proven integrations in production, our system ensures reliability, efficiency, and speed.  Moreover, because our platform is built on Salesforce, you can expect enhanced user adoption, a seamless experience, and unparalleled security and reliability for all users.  

Ready to see how quickly and seamlessly you can get your organization’s technological needs met? 

Magdalena Wolak