Influencer Forum visual titled "AI and the Future of the Extended Workforce" and two headshots; one of Jeff Mike, Head of Insights and Impact at Flextrack, and the other Michael Cannon, Product Director as Flextrack. Both on a purple background.

Extended Workforce Influencer Forum: AI and The Future of the Extended Workforce

In a digital landscape filled with over exaggeration and often apprehension towards AI technologies not many quite fully comprehend, our Extended Workforce Influencer Forum event aimed to demystify the true potential of generative AI and ChatGPT functionalities for extended workforce management. The goal was to get at the core of what this exciting new technology can currently do for workforce professionals. 


Guided by our experts, Michael Cannon and Jeff Mike, the webinar explored ethical applications of AI in talent acquisition, including scoping work and candidate shortlisting.  Jeff and Mike took us through a series of live experiments, and unveiled how AI can amplify the tools needed to find, engage with, and manage contingent talent. 


The recap series below offers a glimpse into these engaging discussions, providing customers with valuable insights into navigating the transformative impact of AI on their extended workforce strategies.  

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Magdalena Wolak