A group of smiling extended workforce professionals embodying the Flextrack "Here for Good" mission.

Flextrack. Here for good.

At Flextrack, we are on a continuous mission to bring about positive change by dismantling barriers, providing access, and opening doors to opportunities that enable businesses and empower people to unlock their potential.  


For us, the approach centers on providing customers with a next-generation extended workforce management platform that delivers growth for businesses and provides more avenues of opportunity for the growing community of contingent workers. 

Doing good for the workforce of the future, today.


Economies shift, society evolves, and so does the nature of work. Organizations tap into the power of the extended workers – the same skilled mind-workers that make up a large section of our communities and families; more now than ever before. Importantly, this group continues to proliferate, currently accounting for up to 50% of a typical company’s workforce and projected to represent more than 50% of the U.S. labor market by 2027.

As the labor market continues to transform, we see emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges that shape these individuals into an essential and reliable section of the workforce. In a study that we conducted, we see how
expectations shape how workers engage with organizations, with one key takeaway showing the power technology has in helping businesses connect with talent and support them in fulfilling their goals and ambitions.   

Doing good for people and for businesses 


Future-driven businesses recognize the value of prioritizing the well-being of employees, fostering a sense of belonging and creating positive outcomes that extend beyond the workplace. Investing in advanced technology results in stronger connections, improved communication, and collective well-being. For Flextrack, it’s important to be able to support these individuals and organizations as they connect and work together.  


Research that we conducted earlier this year shows that over 66% of contingent or non-employee workers noted that meaningful work is very or extremely important to them when evaluating a new assignment, 63% highlighted a collaborative and supportive work environment, 63% a positive interview experience, and 60% said that company commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion was key.

Doing good for our community beyond the office 


From doing good by partnering with local initiatives at the events we attend to enabling our customers and partners with the tools and flexibility to be a part of our “Here for Good” mission, every decision we make and every opportunity we’re given is driven by our brand’s philosophy.  

Watch our video to learn more about us: 

Magdalena Wolak