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Flextrack Partners with Brightfield to Bring Live Extended Workforce Market Data to the World’s Largest Enterprises

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flextrack, the world’s first extended workforce solution platform powered by Salesforce and artificial intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership with Brightfield, a leading workforce intelligence platform. The alliance enables Flextrack customers to stay ahead of the fast-moving labor market and make confident non-employee management decisions with access to real-time, region-specific market rate and skill sets data directly in their requisition workflows.

“At Flextrack, we believe that real-time information, an open market staple for optimal purchasing, should be possible for non-employee categories. Static rate cards, broad averages, and backward-looking analytics don’t capture region-specific current market dynamics. Imagine deciding what you think is reasonable to pay for a stock or a car based only on information at least 12 months old. That kind of dated pricing information is still being used to make decisions in the non-employee space today,” said Flextrack’s President Peter Carr. “Real-time information gives our clients a tangible competitive information advantage over those using antiquated information systems. Our partnership with Brightfield gives businesses enhanced access to real-time rate data and the ability to drill down into specific skill sets and geographies. This is just one part of the transformative vision we are executing at Flextrack to redefine the possible.”

Brightfield’s live market data is integrated out of the box with Flextrack’s platform. Workforce leaders can leverage the actionable intelligence to access the specific in-demand skills they need at the best rates. Machine learning capabilities predict the market rate for a specific collection of skills in a given market or geography along with the availability of those skills in the market. Workforce leaders can view job title matches for those skill sets and compare rates across different cities to understand the best markets from which to source their roles.

“Job functions and roles are increasingly becoming more specialized, especially with the adoption of advanced technologies. A job title can be an umbrella term for a variety of different skill sets,” said Brightfield’s Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Data Scientist Jason Ezratty. “We’re excited to partner with Flextrack and give businesses the ability to conduct non-employee workforce planning at the skills level. The deep intelligence enables workforce leaders to go beyond job title alone to find talent with the experience and capabilities that will have the greatest impact on their business.”

Flextrack delivers data that covers 40 countries and is based on over $400 billion in extended workforce transactions – all powered by Brightfield. This data comprises work, supplier, contracts, performance, and buyer behavior patterns to gain a complete picture of what’s happening with an organization’s extended workforce program, right now.

Flextrack’s platform-as-a-service architecture enables organizations to take full advantage of the growing ecosystem of extended workforce solutions and tools available on the market. Customers can design a custom program that suits their unique needs and conditions. Users can combine the live contingent workforce market data from Brightfield with data from across their business, including from applicant tracking systems (ATS), to inform decisions around rates, availability, predicted time to fill, and retention for both contingent and full-time workers.

“Our innovative infrastructure enables businesses to integrate with everything. Workforce leaders who pull in their other systems can now look at the skills required for a specific project and easily tell if they should hire full-time or contingent workers. We’re putting a fundamentally different way of making workforce planning decisions into the hands of large enterprises everywhere,” said Flextrack’s Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Alliances Matt Moloney.

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Flextrack is the world’s first Extended Workforce Solution powered by Salesforce, offering organizations a unifying solution to view, analyze, manage, and adapt their entire workforce ecosystem with a simple, powerful user experience. Designed by expert contingent workforce practitioners and technologists, Flextrack provides an open approach to plug-ins and access to an industry-leading application exchange, allowing customers to integrate best-of-breed services quickly and seamlessly across front, middle, and back-office functions.

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