Two contingent workers bond over task in an open office space.

Meaningful Work Is Top Consideration For Contingent Workers Despite Inflation

SIA Daily New reports: Despite inflation, 66% of contingent workers say meaningful work is very or extremely important to them when evaluating a new assignment, according to a poll by vendor management system provider Flextrack.

It was followed by scheduling flexibility, cited by 65%; a collaborative and supportive work environment, by 63%; a positive interview experience, also 63%; and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, 60%.

“Competitive pay rates are still important. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and employers won’t be able to hire top talent without attractive and fair pay rates,” said Jeff Mike, head of research at Flextrack. “But our data shows workers now expect more than just bigger checks.”

The poll also found more than half of respondents said they would consider ending an assignment early because of a toxic workplace or bad management.

Non-employee workers also said they would consider quitting early for greater professional development (47%), daily pay (44%), a higher pay rate (43%), more hours (43%), or if they experienced a lack of inclusion in team or work activities (42%).

The survey of 640 workers included independent contractors, freelancers, temporary workers, consultants, gig workers, contingent/contract full-time workers, and contingent/contract part-time workers.

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