Technology visual representing the talent ecosystem and connectivity that VMS provides.

Think Differently About Integrating Your Talent Ecosystem

I’ve written numerous blogs over the past six months about enabling talent ecosystems for organizations.  I’ve highlighted how there’s no single technology that can solve all your talent needs. Only by constructing an ecosystem of solutions will businesses be able to source and manage all the different types of talent needed to accomplish objectives within optimal time and budgets. 


Harmonizing the Talent Ecosystem 

Developing and maintaining the integrations between each of these different talent solutions and financial, HR and other internal systems can be costly and time-consuming.  In addition, not having these systems in harmony can make the hiring manager’s journey a fragmented experience, directly impacting the ability to attract, hire and deploy the talent needed for success.  Core talent applications need to bring together all third-party applications in harmony to provide a simplified and engaging user experience while enabling robust analytics and reporting. 

Some of the technologies in an organization’s talent ecosystem may simply need data to fuel upstream or downstream processes.  Passing this data from one system to another is a common activity, and most technology can support data transfer. But does simple data transfer not necessarily deliver an optimal user experience? For example, a core technology for managing non-employee workers is the extended workforce solution commonly known as VMS.  This technology can send requisition data to a direct sourcing technology to match candidates, then the direct sourcing solution can send candidate profiles and activity data back into the VMS. This is how most direct sourcing solutions interact with VMS today.  But does it deliver the optimal experience for users? 


Win the War on Talent with the Right VMS

The most compelling and productive user experiences go above and beyond sharing of data between solutions to enable workflows from the single platform as well. Imagine doing a search for “project manager” in your VMS. In addition to showing the results of their existing workforce stored in the VMS, your query also returns results from third-party direct sourcing solutions that maintain a curated community of preferred candidates.  The VMS query can also return the results from a freelancer pool of project managers that are available today.  Directly enabling the user to interact with these applications directly from the VMS without logging into another system simplifies the user experience and more quickly leads to productive next steps.  

The best platforms embed third-party applications into an organization’s core enterprise system to drive an effective user journey – without expensive, time-consuming, code-heavy integrations.  These platform integrations provide the ability to unify a variety of different software applications, even if they work in different environments, so they can be bound together in a workflow to make business activities more productive and efficient. While this technology is becoming more and more common today, legacy solutions built a decade ago find it challenging to support this capability.  

Organizations are looking for any way to win the war on talent and looking for more out of their VMS to manage their robust ecosystem of Talent technology.  This is one of the core reasons why Flextrack rearchitected its 15-year VMS application leveraging state-of-the-art technology to be able to support these platform integrations in order to orchestrate an organization’s talent technology ecosystem.  Flextrack is a modern VMS that provides a number of different integration tools that allow organizations to integrate and orchestrate these third-party applications for faster deployments and greater return on investment.  

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Mark has over 25 years of experience in the workforce solutions industry. Mark has been responsible for implementing, operating, and transforming contingent workforce solutions for hundreds of organizations worldwide. Mark has also led technology teams that built and managed VMS solutions and other technology solutions to digitize and transform extended workforce solutions

Mark Zolkos

Managing Director, Flextrack