Extended Workforce Influencer Forum - people analytics and workforce planning

Extended Workforce Influencer Forum: Unlocking Insights into People Analytics and Workforce Planning

As our communities are getting used to constant change, the world of workforce planning is undergoing a profound transformation of its own. Traditional models are rendered ineffective in the face of layoffs, technological advances, and record-low unemployment. That said, thriving amidst the change is possible if organizations are willing to adapt, incorporate real-time data, embrace uncertainty, foster inclusivity across all workforce segments, and start to intentionally include the extended workforce.  


Easier said than done, but it’s where our group of expert guests and extended workforce influencers stepped in to have the conversation around how to include this incredibly valuable segment of the workforce in a way that leads to organizational growth and success.  


Listen to these leaders discuss insights and strategies into creating a sustainable workforce that’s agile, optimized, and ready for the future. 

Magdalena Wolak