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Are outdated myths sucking the life from your talent strategy?

Let’s dispel “scary stories” about accessing talent 


The familiar can be comforting.  

This is especially true during a time of change and uncertainty – like the present. Numerous disruptions and social media hype over the past years have led to change fatigue and subtle fears about what’s next in many parts of the enterprise. After all this, it’s nice to fall back on so-called conventional wisdom for a little relief, especially when its ideas are accepted by trusted, credible people that we work with.   


But what if conventional wisdom is wrong? 

Relying on outdated ideas without thinking critically about them can stunt growth, waste resources, impact talent strategy, and frustrate efforts to bring value to the business. We’ve seen this over and over on the people side of business, especially in talent acquisition.  


You’ve probably heard comments like the ones below before:   

"We should only consider candidates with a degree from X-level colleges."

"Talent acquisition is about only filling open positions."

"The best candidate has X years of experience doing the same job for our competitors."

There are many more accepted but outdated ways of thinking that delay the filling of open roles and the creation of value for the enterprise. Fortunately, over the past decade, we have started to challenge inaccurate assumptions such as these through more data-driven analysis and management of the workforce. Additionally, an acute, long-term talent shortage has caused us to look differently at how we attract and engage talent.  


The Extended Workforce Influencer Forum will be diving deeper into the issue and busting myths about the extended workforce, an increasingly important source of access to talent as the talent paradigm changes, and as businesses continue to seek a new combination of flexibility and value from their workforces. We’ll bust myths like “the extended workforce is for second-rate candidates,” “freelancers are less engaged than full-time employees,” and “you can’t survey non-employee workers due to co-employment and misclassification issues.”  


We’ll also cover very specific techniques to challenge myths and outdated thinking without alienating the people who still hold on to these ideas. Understanding how to influence people who would benefit from letting go of counterproductive and inaccurate ideas to create space for meeting talent and productivity goals with all options on the table.   


Join us for exciting events and conversations. 

Jeff Mike

Jeff Mike

Head of Insights and Impact, Flextrack

Jeff Mike works closely with HR, Procurement and IT leaders to design extended workforce ecosystems that fuel and future-proof enterprise talent strategies. Jeff brings over 15 years of experience leading HR functions, along with five years leading global HR- and workforce-related research, to combine the best thought leadership, business practices, and platform technology into purpose-built solutions.

Jeff Mike